The Gospel makes us citizens of a new kingdom where Jesus is king.


Our Plan

We will plant Citizens with an emphasis on going deep in commitment, discipleship, and community. From this position, we will reach wide in everyday evangelism and missional living. We will resist having a large public launch right away. Instead we will sculpt ourselves with intentional discipleship, building a solid foundation in our core and launch teams with Christ as the cornerstone.

The core team is comprised of the first twenty initial members of Citizens starting together in July 2019. We are currently interviewing interested people for the launch team, who will join the core team in discipleship and community in late 2019 as Citizens expands and prepares for a public launch in 2020. We hope the four phases below will help counter the typical cultural Christianity of the South and help us build a community in Birmingham whose hearts are awakened to life with God.


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Our Timeline

ONE: Preparing (Fall 2018 — Spring 2019)

  • Announce Citizens, begin start-up work

  • Build core team of 15-25 through interviews

  • Raise 80% external support for Citizens

  • Start monthly prayer gatherings

TWO: Gathering and Growing (Summer 2019 — Fall 2019)

  • Karls and non-local core members move to Birmingham

  • Start monthly public prayer gatherings

  • Begin community life and training for core

  • Emphasize evangelism and missional living

  • Raise final 20% of external support

  • Interview Launch Team (20-30 more adults)

Three: Private Beginnings (Fall 2019 — Spring 2020)

  • Begin community groups, training for the launch team

  • Begin private preview Sunday services (December — March)

  • Specific trainings of potential deacons and elders

  • Engage in outreach strategies

Four: Public Launch (April 2020 onward)

  • Launch Sunday March 29th

  • 2nd launch Easter, April 12th

  • Membership process begins, ministries running

  • Summer outreach work